The Waldgrave Legacy Gen 1.1

Welcome to the Waldgrave Legacy, brought to you by the same mind as Road To Green. Obviously. I don't really feel like making but so much of an unrelated intro here so, you know, the short version. My old computer died and, unfortunately, took TS2 and the Greens with it. They'll be back in some form or another eventually but, for now, cue my roommate talking me into playing TS3.

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Oooo. Shiiiinyyyy. o.o

Just got a new computer. It is lovely and shiny and awesome. Except for the part where now I have to reinstall the entirety of TS2. That part sucks. Where the hell did I even put all those discs? Uh. Yeah. Ugh.

FYI: Downloading Greens and OMG I'M DONE

Just so it can't be said that I didn't mention it, the Greens are now downloadable via the Family Tree. Download links for all relevant sims are listed beneath each generation and all sims through Generation 8 are now available. Most of them are zipped with at least one reference photo but I think it's Gen 6 that has a few that are just the package files because that's when I lost everything, so it's a miracle that I even have them packed.

As to the second topic in the subject line: HOLY JEEBUS I'VE PLAYED GEN 10 INTO ADULTHOOD. I'm officially done as of yesterday. Updates will continue probably twice a week until it's all posted. After that? Well, I've finally finished ten but that doesn't mean the Greens are gone. I'll be revamping and preparing for the spawn of Gen 10 to start us up again in the nearish future.